Bringing Water to Hurricane Harvey Region

As you know, Hurricane Harvey has hit the South Texas and Eastern Louisiana coastline with devastating impact. The effects of this storm will be felt for many months and years to come. Thousands of families have nothing left. Thousands more are living in shelters with just the clothes on their backs. Basic necessities are no longer available. Drinking water has been identified as the greatest universal need.

PrintWorks is partnering with Eagle’s Peak Water, Morning Star Fellowship of Quakertown and Convoy of Hope to help in the relief efforts in Texas and Louisiana. Convoy of Hope is our “boots on the ground” in the region to help get the water into the hands of the thousands who need it. 

Every donation helps!

$3.15 donates one case.
$230.00 donates one pallet (1728 bottles).
$5,000 donates an entire truckload!

We’re looking at about $5,000 per tractor trailer load (one load is 38,000 bottles) and we are looking to send as many as we can. 1st one is shipping today Friday September 1st.

Your donation through Morning Star Fellowship of Quakertown will go directly to the Hurricane Harvey Water Relief Initiative. 



Choose Convoy of Hope from the drop-down tab.

Please continue to pray for all involved and watch for updates regarding any way that we can be of assistance.

Quick facts and figures from our friends at the Weather Channel:

  • 2 the number of other recorded Category 4 hurricanes to make landfall in the Texas Coastal Blend region.
  • 9  days of heavy rainfall in Texas caused by Harvey.
  • 56 hours it took for the tropical depression to strengthen to a Category 4 hurricane.
  • 130 estimated speed of winds on August 25 near Rockport, Texas.
  • 3,100 approximate miles traveled by Harvey.
  • 4,323 days since Hurricane Wilma, the last Category 3 or stronger hurricane that hit the United States.
  • 300,000 the number of Texans without power on August 26.
  • $20,000,000,000 the estimated amount of damage in Houston alone.


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Mark has classical training in painting and drawing and received a degree in Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University. He has a background of photography, lettering and portrait drawing and has worked as a Graphic Designer at PrintWorks for 5 years.

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