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Brochures: An Incredibly Effective Marketing Tool

Sometimes things become trends for a reason. Case in point: brochures. Brochures are still incredibly effective marketing tools. Why?

Because Brochures Have Versatility to Spare

Brochures are the perfect supplementary tool to give to someone to clue them into more information about your product or service WITHOUT having to rely on the internet. Did you just come across someone at a trade show or other event? Give them a brochure. Did you just have a walk-in that you weren’t expecting but don’t have time to dive into the deep details you need to make a sale? Give them a brochure. Continue reading...

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How to Spot a Cheap Logo Design

1 – It’s Overly Complex
2 – It Lacks Versatility
3 – It’s Derivative
4 – It’s Forgettable
5 – It’s the ‘Wrong’ Color
6 – It’s Brand-Inappropriate
•Space Continue reading...

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Leading Like a Pro

Creating a print project that pops takes more than having the best printer on the block. It also requires stellar design and text that is well thought-out and easy to read.

Have you ever wondered how those professionally designed print pieces look so incredibly clean-cut and crisp? To get that clean, easy-to-read look, professional designers make use of the big three in typography: leading, kerning, and tracking. Although all of them are important, leading can make or break a design. Continue reading...

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Printing Considerations for Envelopes

An envelope can be so much more than simply a covering of some sort for your correspondence. The right envelope can instantly convey a wealth of ideas before its intended recipient even opens it up. The next time you’re working on choosing the right envelope for your marketing, keep the following considerations in mind. Continue reading...

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Bringing Water to Hurricane Harvey Region

As you know, Hurricane Harvey has hit the South Texas and Eastern Louisiana coastline with devastating impact. The effects of this storm will be felt for many months and years to come. Thousands of families have nothing left. Thousands more are living in shelters with just the clothes on their backs. Basic necessities are no longer available. Drinking water has been identified as the greatest universal need. Continue reading...

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