Choosing a Local Printer

I was recently asked by a prospective client the value of printing their sales and marketing materials with a local printer vs. going online. The following is a list of five advantages why using a local printer is a wise decision.


  1. Fast Turnaround – Especially Tight Deadlines

Many online services boast nationwide printing and shipping capabilities that help reduce costs.  Too many people are concerned only with cost. This is a great sales pitch, and they may be able to produce a good product. However, we often find that processing and shipping times are long, with absolutely no guarantee that your order will arrive in time for your event.

We have also heard of cases in which an order was damaged or destroyed in transit. What a potential nightmare! At PrintWorks we treat every client and project, large or small, with great attention and care. You don’t have to worry about your order arriving on time, or damaged. For local clients, we personally see to the delivery with our in-house delivery service.


  1. Great Customer Service and Support

Working with a local printer provides the opportunity to sit down with the person handling your work and talk through your ideas.  We carefully consider your goals as we discuss the project with you to be certain you get the results you’re hoping for. You’ll have an opportunity to see and touch available papers, to ensure you receive exactly what you want.  What’s more, you’ll be able to tap into the years and years of experience that the local source has to offer!


  1. Avoid Miscommunication

The internet is great for ordering merchandise. You search for an item, see a picture, choose your size, and place the order. Printing projects have variables that benefit from clear communication and a complete understanding of your wants and needs. Poor communication will directly impact the success of your final product. Paper selection, finishes, special packing needs, variable data all need to be communicated effectively and printing locally eliminates the possibility of a misunderstanding.


  1. Enjoy Great Pricing

PrintWorks values long-term relationships with our clients, and you can have confidence knowing that you’re getting excellent value. Shipping fees alone can be a significant area of savings. We offer free pickup and delivery within our normal area of operations. Feel free to contact us to see if your project requirements afford you the ability to take advantage of a discount.


  1. Support Local Business

Choosing local is a great way to bolster your community’s economy – and the money spent locally provides the services and amenities that we all enjoy. Printworks is the local source for printing services like color printing and copies, banners and posters, Silk Screening and decals. Printworks is a local printer you can count on to make you and your companies printed goods look their best… always.


Contact us TODAY. Call 215-721-8500 to speak to a real
person about your project!


Mark has classical training in painting and drawing and received a degree in Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University. He has a background of photography, lettering and portrait drawing and has worked as a Graphic Designer at PrintWorks for 5 years.

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