Stock Photography Tips!

 The use of stock art and stock photography can be a great way to save your business time and money when creating direct mail advertisements, promotional materials, adding imagery to your website, etc. Here are a few tips to consider when using stock art:

  • Purchase the image and avoid saving a watermark version. To discourage illegal usage, stock art websites often place a watermark image on unpurchased art. If a watermark appears on your image, that’s an obvious sign that you did not purchase the imagery.
  • Don’t cut corners on resolution size because it’s cheaper. Ensure the resolution is adequate for the project in which you will be using the image. If you can’t afford a photo that meets your size requirements, find a new photo.
  • Be creative with imagery to represent your business. For example, a computer company should expand beyond product photos only and use real-life imagery of people using computers.
  • Avoid using stock photos when you could easily photograph something yourself, or use more realistic imagery, such as photos of your employees, your office, your products, etc.
  • Always use photos that reinforce your message and have a connection to your text or product information.
  • Ensure your stock art is timely and not outdated. Watch for clothing, haircuts, technology, vehicles, etc. that could suggest the photo is dated.
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    I Survived #Snowmageddon 2014!!!

    Deep freeze temperatures. Mammoth snowstorms. Freezing rain. Downed trees and branches. Power outages that last days. And then it all happens all over again.

    This is Snowmageddon! One of the worst winters not only in the Northeast but for a good portion of the country. Continue reading...

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    Spreading the Joy & Cheer – Top 10

    In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we often lose sight of the “Spreading the Joy & Cheer” part.

    Here’s a quick top ten list to help you do just that:

    1. Have a little fun at your own expense… start here and share it with your family, friends and coworkers!
    2. Pack the kids in the car with some hot chocolate and snacks and drive around looking at Christmas lights singing Christmas carols at the tops of your lungs!
    3. Reach out to an old friend and let them know how important they are to you.
    4. Learn how to take amazing Christmas Lights pictures!  Check out this site and don’t for get to share your amazing pics!
    5. Invite the neighbors, start a fire, dust off that old guitar and have a sing-along! This page will help you find Christmas carols lyrics and guitar chords, Christmas song guitar tabs, and Christmas song lyrics for your favorite holiday carols.
    6. Anonomously help a family you know have an easier time this Christmas by sending a meal or paying their lay-away bill.
    7. Engage your kids in a snowball fight… and make sure they win!
    8. Banish Negativity and Pessimism from infiltrating your thoughts and look for the positive in every situation… it’s there, if you look hard enough!
    9. Encourage someone, make them feel empowered to achieve what they’re after and leave them feeling important… because they ARE.
    10. Take some time to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas, then take some time to share the story with someone else.

    We hope that you’ll find a little inspiration in these ideas. Reply to our blog post and let us know what YOU do to Spread Joy & Cheer! Continue reading...

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    Custom Printed Holiday Cards

    If you’re looking for a great way to send good tidings during the busy holiday season and possibly mix a little brand reinforcement, now is the perfect time to order custom printed holiday cards. Here are a few ideas to help create the perfect holiday card:

  • Design a creative card with a personalized photo of your team, your building, etc.
  • Include a hand written message or consider using a customized handwriting font for a personalized touch.
  • Consider including a coupon or voucher as a thank you for your customer’s business throughout the year.
  • Consider turning your holiday card into a folded hang tag that you include with new purchases that allows you to not only provide a personalized message, but also incorporate your contact information.
  • Choose from custom sizes, creative folding, and unique finishing details such as a foil stamp or die cut the will enhance your greeting card and help it stand out from the competition.
  • Instead of giving gifts with your cards, consider making a donation to a local charity in their honor, and provide a gift tag signifying your donation on their behalf.
  • Include a QR code that can be scanned to link to additional information, such as a voicemail, personalized message, etc.
  • Include a famous quote or inspirational or thought-provoking message that will entice a smile and be remembered.
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